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Chers membres FIDIC,

veuillez trouver ci-joint une lettre de Pablo Bueno, Président FIDIC, au sujet de la FIDIC 2014 Awards.  Également ci-joint, vous trouverez un programme avec des informations plus détaillées sur les prix et le formulaire de candidature. Nous attendons avec impatience de recevoir le prix entrées de tous les pays membres.  Pour vous aider à faire connaître les prix de 2014 parmi les cabinets-membres Veuillez trouver ci-joint un logo que vous pouvez publier sur votre site Web ou les bulletins d'information.

Meilleures salutations,


Directeur adjoint de Italo Goyzueta

FIDIC_LO_reflex.eps International Fédération des ingénieurs (FIDIC) World

Trade Center II, Genève Aéroport

B.p.311 Genève 1215 Suisse

Tel. +41 22 799 4909

Fax: +41 22 799 4901





Journée de l'Ingénieur du 27 au 29 novembre 2014 au Mali.



The order of the consulting engineers of Mali (IOCM) is a public professional organization with financial autonomy. Established since 1997, it brings together and represents the Council and engineering professionals. Read more


Order Board

Engineering represents all intellectual, scientific or technical services, necessary to the optimization of material or immaterial investment.

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General information

Parts list to provide by new for obtaining the professional card and registration to the roll of the order of the consulting engineers of mali read more

Word from the President

Ladies and gentlemen

Today, investments are misguided because of bad governance. Resources are low and earnings are poorly distributed.

Also, to sit down the foundations of a genuine socio-economic development of our country on the one hand and on the other hand, to guarantee the sustainability of the investments in the areas of consulting engineer, we must get involved in the political and social debate to weigh our weight on the choice of our development policies. We must strengthen every day our place of essential and indispensable partner to set the foundations for a sustainable and better future for our peoples.

This involves necessarily:

  • The quality of the services we provide to the community.
  • The relevance of the technical and economic choices that we offer to the owners.
  • The guarantee of our independence and our impartiality when the issue of professional advice, from a judgment or a decision.
  •  The enhancement of the profession by better remuneration of the consulting engineer.
  • The fight against corruption.

The name therefore l ' set of Engineers Council of Mali, I wish you the welcome on our web site that I invite you to visit. You will find information on our basic texts, our members, our activities and other information.

The Chair of the Board of the OICM


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